My July TBR

I know it is a bit early, but still…..

Okay, I don’t usually make TBR lists, as I find it difficult to stick to them. However, here are four books I definitely will be reading in July.


download (57)

I loved the first part of the Miss Pergerine trilogy, and I’m so looking forward to reading the second part.


download (58)

I loved Red Queen, and I’m really curious to know how the story develops, so this is one book I’ll definitely reading.


download (59)


The Mara Dyer trilogy was another series I had started recently, and I am really looking forward to reading part 2 of it.


download (60)

I loved Fangirl, so I thought I’d try another Rainbow Rowell book. I initially thought of Carry own, but then I noticed that all the other books in my list are fantasy, so I’d like something different for a change.


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