Thoughts on ‘The Crown’- Kiera Cass


Warning: Spoilers.

The Selection Series by Kiera Cass was the first book I had read in a long time. My feelings for the series were mixed, though mostly positive. I had not really expected to like this series as love stories are not really my thing, yet I found this series strangely addictive.

While the first three books followed general dystopian tropes, minus the fighting, The Heir and The Crown depicted a post-change society, and was in the point of view of Eadlyn, the daughter of King Maxon and Queen America. Here are my opinions on several aspects of The Crown (And general opinions on the last two books.)

Princess Eadlyn

I have heard a lot of negative opinions about Eadlyn, who is shown to be a bit of a spoilt brat. However, I believe her character is shown to be realistic. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, it would be quite surprising if she did not turn out to be the way she is.I did think she made a reasonably good effort to get past her weaknesses, and work for the people, though I was a bit annoyed by her idea of getting married in order to shatter the masculine image she had in front of the public.

Queen Eadlyn

I felt that the decision for Eadlyn to ascend the throne had been made too quickly. I couldn’t really think of a solid reason for Maxon to give up his crown to Eadlyn so early. Transfer of power that would govern an entire nation is surely not a decision to make on a whim!

I also felt that Eadlyn was rather immature in dealing with the affairs of the state. Giving replies like ‘This is love.’, when an adviser suggests there may be malicious intent behind Ahren and Camille’s marriage, she is shown to be ridiculously idealistic. Governing a country is shown to be ridiculously simple.

Marid Illéa

To be honest, in the beginning I was expecting that Eadlyn would end up with Marid. I felt Marid was a well-written character, abd I enjoyed reading about him.

Kile Woodwork

While I liked Kile, I find it a bit strange that he had to wait for Eadlyn, to take a decision about his life. He could have been a stronger character.


While reading the previous books, I had thought many times about how two girls or two boys entering the selection falling for each other would make a good plot for a fanfic, amd so I was surprised to actually come across it. I thought it was an interesting twist, and I liked the pairing.


I had been really skeptical about Henri in the beginning. I adore his character, but I can’t comprehend how a match between him and Eadlyn would ever work out with the language barrier. All the same, I though he was really cute and adorable in the book, especially in the end.


I felt that this was rather insta-lovey, all the same, I liked this pairing, and I totally ship them.

Lady Brice

I found Lady Brice being Maxon’s sister an interesting twist, I also felt it slightly disappointing, as I thought of Lady Brice as a strong character, who gained a place among the advisers out of her own right.

Constitutional monarchy

While appreciate Eadlyn’s intent, I’m not sure it would be this easy to change an entire system of governance.


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