Review:Ava’s Gift

Author: Jason Mott

Genre: Fiction

Ava is a thirteen year old girl, who has a unique gift- she can heal physical ailments.However, the ability comes with a cost.

When Ava’s ability is discovered, the formerly little-known town of Stone Temple is plunged into disarray. Journalists, scientists and preachers start frequenting it, hoping to use Ava’s gift for their personal gain. People start flocking to Ava in order to use her talents to cure their own. However, what does the girl herself think about everything?

While I have read many, many books about special powers, this book stands out for being a poignant tale about the flip-side of possessing them. I’ve read a lot of books in which a very young protagonist becomes a big hero, but this is one book which portrays her exactly what she is- a child. I felt the characters, and the relationships between them were very well-written, especially that between Ava and her stepmother Carmen. I also liked the character Wash, Ava’s best friend, who happens to be hiding a most tragic secret.

I find it kind of difficult to comment on this book, as it is not one of my usuals, but I did like it, and it was extremely readable.


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