Rant: The Internet Ruined Twilight For Me.

I was fifteen when I read the first two parts of Twilight. I liked it. I was not crazy about it the way I was about Harry Potter, but I did like it. I found it enjoyable. I liked Edward Cullen, and I did not dislike Bella the way people say they do. However, I got distracted from the series by another book, and then another, and I ended up not reading rest of the series.

In those days, it was not fashionable to hate Twilight. Or, maybe it was, but I was not aware of it because I was not a heavy Internet user. However, I do feel that in the four years that had passed, I have changed greatly as an individual. I feel that I have become more mature, and in that case, there is a chance I might not like Twilight if I re-read it. However, the problem is that I wouldn’t be able to read it with an unbiased outlook. I have heard so many jokes, seen so many memes and read so many comments bashing Twilight that I would find it difficult to read it and form an opinion about it without looking at it in a negative light.

The same with the Fifty Shades Trilogy. Fifty Shades of Grey was the first book of the genre I had read and at that time I found it fascinating. I was younger and much more immature then, and so I overlooked the flaws in the writing because I was so immersed in the story. I did not find Christian Grey as attractive as some girls claim to find him, but I did enjoy the series. It is very likely that if I re-read it, I would not like it very much, I would be irritated by the flaws in the writing, etc. However, I would not be able to read it with an unbiased outlook. I’d feel obliged to hate it. That’s the problem.The option of loving Twilight or Fifty Shades has been taken away from me.


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