The Rip it or Ship it Book Tag

This is one tag I’ve seen doing rounds, and I thought it would be interesting to do. To do this, you need to write names of different fictional characters on a piece of paper shuffle them, and pick up two pieces randomly. and decide whether you ship the two of them, or not.

I’ve chosen sixteen  characters for this tag. I plan to do six rounds.

Round 1: Alaska Young from Looking for Alaska by John Green, and Bella Swan from twilight.


I liked Alaska Young, but I am not sure Bella is the right person for her. Alaska is kind of depressed, and being around a damsel in distress type wont do her any good. So, I RIP it.


Round 2: Daenerys Targeryen from Game of thrones and Percy Jackson from the Percy Jackson series.

Both of them are strong characters, but I find it difficult to picture the two of them together. I don’t know how well Percy’s sass and humor will go with the ambitious Khaleesi. Perhaps in an alternate universe where Daenerys meets Percy instead of Drogo and becomes a totally different person….. but as it is, I’d RIP it.


Round 3: Harry Potter and Christian Grey

I burst into laughter when this came up. Like, no way. It would be totally creepy because of the age difference (I’ll always think of Harry as a teenager), and it would be, in all weird. Like, Harry Potter is a beloved character from my child hood, okay. I RIP it, but at the same time, I guarantee there is at least one fanfic with this pairing on the internet. Because, internet.


Round 4:Four from Divergent and Cath from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I gave this some thought, but no. I love Cath, but she lacks the courage and confidence Four admired in Tris, and I doubt Four will have the patience for Cath’s interests. Plus, i ship both of them really hard with their canon love interests. So, I RIP it.


Round 5:Simon Snow from Carry on by Rainbow Rowell, and Ned Stark from Game of thrones.

Ew, WTF. No, No, No. RIP.


Round 6: Augustus Waters from The fault in our stars, and Mare from Red Queen

Okay, I guess i’m a little biased as I badly want to ship at least one of them, and this is the least cringe-worthy pairing. I SHIP it. With Mare, I suppose Gus will get the opportunity to be the hero he wanted to be.


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