Thoughts on Lord of the Rings

I recently borrowed a copy of Lord of the rings set from the library, and I am now around halfway through the second part of it.

This is one of the books I wouldn’t be able to give a fair opinion on, because I would feel obliged to like it. It is considered a legendary fantasy, after all. However, the one thing I felt while reading it was confusion.

Maybe it is because it was written in the 1950s, that the writing confuses me so much. I really liked the world it is set in, and the story is interesting, but it is bit hard to grasp exactly what is happening. I suppose I’m making a mistake trying to marathon it. I’ll have to re-read it, to understand it better. Or maybe I’ll watch the movies. How is the book to movie adaptation by the way?

I am enjoying the book, it’s just that I find the writing style really, really unfamiliar.


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