Blogging is an escape for me.

I suppose starting a post with ‘My life sucks.’ would come across as a plea for attention. Well, that is basically what this post is about. So, you feel that way, please stop reading this NOW.

I’m in that stage of life when, if my life was a YA contemporary, I am to meet a hot guy who would change my way of looking at things, and I suddenly develop a lot of confidence, and gain new friends. However, life is not a book.

I have been in college for around a year, and I HATE it.

I don’t know why, I was quite okay with studying in school. However, I hate going to classes-not because I hate what I’m learning, somehow, something about the classroom atmosphere gets to me. I hardly have friends. Okay, I don’t have friends, except for my two former roommates, who I hardly get to talk to these days.

The internet is one place where I feel I belong. When I discovered the book blogger community, I was excited because I knew that would be one place where I would fit in. Irrespective of how awesome and crappy I am as a blogger. I am also into many fandoms, as a fandom often feels like a family.

However, I often think about how pathetic my life is. The only reason I ever step out of my room, except for classes, is so that I can play Pokémon Go (No, it has not been launched in my country, but everyone seems to have it anyway). I am nearly nineteen, and I’ve never dated anyone. I, in fact freak out if a boy speaks to me…..or if anyone unexpectedly talks to me.

Of course, I suppose things would get better. Books, music and the Internet are the only things that make me feel okay. I know I sound really whiny, and I should be discussing this with real people, not people I’ve never met. I’m sorry about that.


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