Review:Hollow City-Ransom Riggs

Author: Ransom Riggs

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

My rating: 4.5/5

I had read Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children some time ago, and I loved it. So, I started on it’s sequel with high expectations, and I was not disappointed.

I love the world of the book series. The concepts of time-loops, ymbrynes and peculiars are incredibly interesting. In this book, the protagonist, Jacob Portman joins the other peculiars to search for another time-loop where they might be able to revive Miss Peregrine, who is stuck in her bird form. They navigate London and travel in time, while fighting the deadly hollows and wights.

The war torn London setting awesome! It was a setting I had not seen before, and I loved it. 

I really enjoy reading about peculiars,  especially since they are not always a likable breed. I couldn’t find myself wishing that I was a peculiar, the way I wished I was a witch or a demigod or a shadowhunter. That wasreally refreshing.

The characters were all interesting and well written.While Jacob seemed to be an okay-ish protagonist,  I loved Emma, who is a really strong character. She is not perfect, she has her flaws, but I loved the strength and loyalty she possessed. While there is a romance between Jacob and Emma, it is not a major part of the plot, something I’m grateful for. I also thought the character of Enoch was very well written, he could be extremely annoying at times with his sarcasm, but I could totally understand his points of view! Millard was another character I enjoyed reading about.While I have read books which involve invisibility before, this is the first one I had read with a character who is actually permanently invisible, and that was a really interesting concept. 

Spoiler Alert!!!

I really liked the scenes with the gypsies, and Bekhir was a really good character. I also really liked the character of Sam. The relationship between Sam and her sister was really touching. Sam was such a strong character! However, I felt that it was too much of a coincidence that the main characters find two peculiars living in the normal world, in such a short period of time.

I also felt that the big plot twist in the end was rather predictable. 

Overall, this book as well as it’s prequel were incredible reading experiences. I really enjoyed them, and I’d be looking forward to reading the final installment.


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