Picturing book scenes to songs.

I have this habit of painting a picture of a scene in my head while listening to music. And the scenes I think of are often inspired by the books I read. Here are some songs to which I picture book scenes to. (The songs are pretty random)

Wake me up when September Ends by Green Day. This might not really make sense by the song lyrics alone, but the music video tells the story of a happy, beautiful, perfect couple who are separated when the guy decides to join the army. Somehow, I always picture the time Annabeth, Luke and Thalia in the Percy Jackson series spent together before finding Camp Half blood while listening to this song. The situation is kind of similar, as the three of them have a perfect friendship, and really happy times, till they are tragically seperated by a war.Also, Thalia is a Green Day fan.





I hate everything about you, by Three Days Grace. I think it is a perfect song to describe the feelings Baz had for Simon in Carry On by Rainbow Rowell.

images (3).jpg






People like us by Kelly Clarkson. It could be an awesome theme song for the peculiars in the Miss Peregrine trilogy, who are seen as outcasts and are persecuted by the Hollows.


images (6)




I never told you what I do for a living by My Chemical Romance. Every time I listen to this song, which has lyrics like these…..

Another knife in my hands

A stain that that never comes off the sheets

Clean me off…I’m so dirty babe

The kind of dirty where the water never cleans off the clothes 

I keep a book of the names 


I’m reminded of Khalid from The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahideh, and the executions he had committed.

Somehow, I can’t find any fanart for Khalid. I could only find a bunch of hot guys fans dream of casting as Khalid.




Centuries by Fall Out Boy. I really don’t know why, but I picture Eragon and Murtagh dueling to this one. Theirs would be a legend told in their world for centuries.


images (7).jpg


There are also a number of One Direction songs that remind me of my all time OTP Percabeth. 

Do you ever do this? If you do, do tell me which book scene you picture to which song.



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