July Wrap Up

July had been an excellent reading month for me. Here are the books I had read this month.


Freak of nature: Julia Crane


It is about a girl, whom scientists turn into a robot in order to save her life. She is not supposed to have emotions anymore, except she does, and she finds herself falling in love with her programmer.

The synopsis had really intrigued me, however, I did not enjoy this book as much as I expected to. The romance was rather insta-lovey, and there was no real explanation to how she ended up retaining her emotions. It was an okay sort of read, nothing to get too hyped up about.





Ava’s gift-Jason Mott

Rating: 3.5/5

It is about a young girl Ava, who has the gift of being able to heal people. While it sounds like a fantasy, it is more similar to books of the contemporary genre. It deals mostly with the effect of fame on a young girl’s mind, and how she is pressurized by the public at a tender age. It was an enjoyable and insightful read, but nothing mind-blowing. Reviewdownload (16)


Carry On-Rainbow Rowell

Rating: 4/5

A very sweet, interesting fantasy that gave me major Harry Potter vibes, though I totally ship Snowbaz, despite hating Drarry(Or that matter any non canon HP pairing). For those who don’t know, it is about Simon Snow, who goes to Watford academy for mages, and his adventures with his best friend Penny, his ex girlfriend Agatha and his roommate and arch rival Baz.

download (3).jpg



The Evolution of Mara Dyer-Michelle Hodkin.

Rating: 3.5/5

The sequel to The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, it follows the story of Mara, a girl with a lethal ability, and her struggle to figure out herself, along with her boyfriend Noah, while battling the malevolence of her vicious ex boyfriend, Jude. I was somewhat disappointed by this book. I really enjoyed its prequel, but this was rather predictable.

download (4)


The Pact-Jodi Picoult

Rating: 3.5/5

This is the story of a girl who had been found shot dead, but it is unclear whether her death was the result of a suicide pact, or a murder by her boyfriend. It deals with some really serious issues like teen suicide, mental health, and abuse. It was overall a really interesting read, though there were parts I disliked. Recommended if you want to read more books about such issues.Review

download (6)


Girl Online: Zoe Sugg


When I had started on this, I expected to not like it at all. I had heard so many negative things about it. However, I found it surprisingly enjoyable. It is about Penny Porter, a socially awkward teen who has a rather horrid life till a trip to America introduces her to the enigmatic Noah. I felt the ending was rather boring and cliched, but I otherwise found the book enjoyable. As long as you are not expecting something really brilliant, you would probably find it a fun read.

download (7).jpg


Hollow City-Ransom Riggs.

Rating:  4.5/5

This was my favorite book of the month. Sequel to Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children, it described the adventures of Jacob Portman and the peculiars as they journeyed through London of the past, to find another time-loop, where they could revive their ymbryne. It was a fantastic read, and I really enjoyed it.Review

download (57)


Landline-Rainbow Rowell

Rating: 4/5

This was another book I was cautious about while reading, as I had heard that Rainbow Rowell’s adult books were rather meh compared to her YA books. However, I found it an interesting read. It was about Georgie McCool, a thirty seven year old woman struggling with her marriage. She finds herself unable to accompany her husband and daughters to Omaha to celebrate Christmas with her husband’s family, and she finds out that when she calls the landline at her in-laws’ home, the call goes back in time, to the phase where she and her husband were dating. As long as you don’t expect this book to blow your mind, you’ll probably enjoy this book, like I did.

I had also read J.R.R Toliken’s epic Lord of The Rings, and while I liked it very much, I found it rather difficult to read, probably because it was written so long ago. I am not rating it, as it feels rather blasphemous to rate it lower than 4.5.

Currently reading: 

download (31)

I’m so unsure what to feel about this. I would have devoured it if it was a fanfic…..or if it was written years ago. However, something about this disagrees with me, with the ideas I had for years….not saying it is bad. It is enjoyable. I’m so frickin confused.



So, that’s it. What books did you read this month?





One thought on “July Wrap Up

  1. I have Freak of Nature in my personal library, I bought it at BookCon last year and I haven’t read it yet but I am definitely iffy about it because you’re not the first person to mention the same problems you had with it. Happy reading!

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