Why are some people on the internet so mean?

This is something I’d like to talk about, which really has got nothing to do with books or reading, but which I still feel is really important. I was scrolling through Facebook one day, and I was reading the comments on a certain post, when I found a comment saying something was sexist. To be fair, I personally didn’t completely agree with her, but she was just stating her opinion, and she had done so really politely, and not directly accused anyone or anything like that. However, in spite of that, she got fifty seven replies, most of them were trolling and mocking her. Some of the replies included really hateful memes, one of them which said ‘Shut yo bitch ass up.’, another one used the c-word at her.

Another time, I was watching a music video, by an iconic music artiste, and one of the commenters in the video referenced a popular musician of today’s times. She was told to ‘fucking kill herself.’ by another commenter.

I really don’t understand why people behave like that. Like what do they gain from it, other than a fleeting moment of power? In today’s world, it is not easy to separate our online and offline lives. Whenever I see someone being trolled online, I picture someone reading the comments and crying. Some of the people online are young impressionable teens and it seriously hurts. If you disagree with someone, you can state your opinion without being a jerk about it. Without attacking a person’s appearance, race, gender or sexual orientation, or telling them to kill themselves. This had happened to me, though on a very minor level. But it still sucked. If you like trolling so much, why not troll, say ISIS, instead of trolling innocent people stating their opinion?

I love the internet. I had met some of the best people in the world through the internet.I just wanted to make a point about one aspect of the internet I hate.The internet is otherwise my favourite place in the world. The book blogging community, especially is one I love, for people are almost always respectful about each others’ opinions here, and I’ve never seen any sort of hate (except for fictional characters).


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