T5W: Books you feel differently about.

Top Five Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Thoughts on Tomes and Ginger Reads Lainey. Here is the goodreads group for the meme. 

Today’s topic is top five books you now feel differently about.

Here’s my list.

1.Almost every book by Enid Blyton

I grew up on these books. It was through these books I became a reader, and my childhood revolved around these books. However, on looking back, I find so many flaws in these books-the characters seem to be so one-dimensional and unrealistic! I also see issues like racism and sexism in them.


2. The Harry Potter series

images (2)

These books were another set which made my childhood, and while I still love them, I realize that they are not flawless, as I thought them to be.




I’ve read only the first two books of the series. I actually liked the books when I first read them, and I did not really notice the flaws people keep pointing out in them. I thought Edward Cullen was hot at that time, but looking back, he seems like a creep.


4. The Fifty Shades series

download (41)

Every time I bring this effing series up, I feel like everyone is giving me judgmental stares.Hear me out, okay. When I had read this for the first time, I was all naive and innocent, and I had little exposure to this genre, hence, I found it rather fascinating. I was in school, and I read it without my parents’ knowledge, and it felt so scandalous at that time. I cringe so hard when I think about it, now. I suspect that if I read it now, I’ll be shuddering at the writing. Also,when I read it for the first time, I scoffed at the allegations that it promoted abuse, as I was naive enough to believe a written contract was the ultimate expression of consent. I’m now much more aware of these issues, and I’m pretty sure I’d find these books problematic if I read it.

5.The Da Vinci Code

download (43)

I loved this book when I read it five years ago. Now, it is 2016, and conspiracy theories are no longer as cool as they were. Also, I have heard a lot of criticism about Dan Brown’s writings, and I suppose I wasn’t mature enough to see those flaws then. I did like Inferno, though, and so I suppose I wouldn’t really dislike this book or anything, I would just like it a little less.




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