I enjoyed The Cursed Child……But






I had recently completed reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and I found it enjoyable. I felt that all the characters were well characterized, and I loved the friendship between Albus and Scorpius. The angst Albus had was well-written, and their adventures with the Time-Turner were enjoyable, though a bit iffy. I mean, if time-turners were so easy to procure that Draco Malfoy had an illegal one with him all the time,then the history of the world would have been changed over a hundred times. But then, there were such minor flaws in the original series as well, so I chose to ignore it. It was fun to read, and I still haven’t gotten over the horror of a world with Umbridge as the Hogwarts Headmistress. I also thought Minister Hermione was amazing.

But one character that made me so effing angry was DELPHI.Not the character herself, but the fact that she was VOLDEMORT’S DAUGHTER.

images (11).jpg

Seriously, after nine years, that was the plot twist? Something that over a hundred teenage fanfic writers had come up with? Something so unoriginal?

And not just a child. A child with BELLATRIX.

To be honest, I wasn’t very pleased when Rowling confirmed the theory that Bellatrix was in love with Voldemort. I had always seen Bellatrix as a strong female villain, who did the things she did because of her own cruelty and her deep-seated beliefs, not for her love of a man. However, even if you leave that and accept that she was indeed infatuated, the idea that Voldemort actually had sex with her is against everything I believed about Voldemort. He was after only one thing-power. In my opinion, nothing else would have held any appeal to him-not love, not sex. 

I enjoyed reading it, but I refuse to believe it is canon. I’ll think of it as an interesting fanfic forever.


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