Top Ten Tuesday: Fave Minor Characters.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke And The Bookish. This week’s topic is REWIND, in which we revisit one of the previous topics. I haven’t been doing this meme for very long, so I’ll be doing a topic I had seen in other blogs, which I really find interesting, that is Top ten minor characters.

Minor characters, in my opinion, are often as important as the MC, and they are often more interesting than the MC.

Here is my list.

Nasuada: Inheritance cycle


Nasuada was one of the most important, and most underrated characters in the series. She was one of the strongest characters, and played a really, really important role.


Nico Di Angelo: PJO and HOO.

download (16)

I felt that Nico’s character was super important in the series. He represented so much, the outcast, the misfit, who eventually found love and acceptance.


Henri:The  Selection series

download (18)

I really liked Henri from the Selection series. He was really sweet, and while I (SPOILER ALERT) could not see anything between him and Eadlyn working out, I loved his character.



download (19)

He is not a much talked about character in TFIOS, but I really liked him. He was really witty and amusing, and upbeat almost throughout (except for the part he where he was crying over his ex girlfriend), despite having been through a lot.



download (20)

I did not like Reagan very much in the beginning. However, later on, I really enjoyed reading about the friendship that developed between her and Cath. It was the ultimate proof that unlike people CAN get along.


Eowyn: Lord of the Rings.

download (22)

LoTR has very few female characters, and I was rather disappointed by how it ended for Eowyn. All the same, she was a strong character, and deserves to be be mentioned.


Art3mis: Ready Player One

Edownload (24)

I love her so much! She’s amazing!


Farley: Red Queen

download (26)



I thought she was a pretty kickass character.

Enoch: Miss Peregrine’s trilogy

download (28)

He was kind of annoying, but I couldn’t help enjoying his sarcasm.


Serafina Pekkela: His Dark Materials.

download (29)

Honestly, I think she’s one of the coolest characters in the entire series.


So, who are your favorite minor characters?






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