Things I love about the Book Community

I had been a part of the book community for the past one month or so, ever since I started this blog. Even before that, I used to love Booktube. So far, I had met some of the nicest people on the internet through the book community.

When I say book community, I am referring mostly to booktubers and book bloggers. I am not as familiar with other parts of the community, like bookstagram, for example.

These points are based on my experiences so far. I really don’t know if there is a darker, more unpleasant side to this community, and if so I hope I’d never have to encounter it.

  • Everyone is encouraging and supportive, and there isn’t any unhealthy competition. When I started this blog, I initially had no followers, and I had hardly any viewers. I was pretty desperate to gain followers and views, so I started actively asking other bloggers if they could check out my blog. I was terrified that I would be shot down for self promotion, but it turned out everyone was really supportive and I soon gained a bunch of followers.I am yet to see any kind of poisonous rivalry between book bloggers or booktubers.
  • Everyone is tolerant and respectful towards each others’ opinions. Yes, I’ve heard of ship wars and things like that, but I’m yet to encounter anything like that in the book community. I have heard booktubers and book bloggers express some really unpopular opinions about books, but I’ve never seen anyone getting hate for those. The book community is generally really respectful and accepting of different ideas and opinions.
  • Most people in this community are aware of and sensitive towards social issues. I’ve so many in this community talk about the need for diversity in books. Many in the community are quick to call out racism, sexism, homophobia etc in books, and issues like glorification of abuse, and romanticizing of mental illness are often talked about. You are unlikely to be mocked or called hypersensitive for wanting to talk about such issues.


What are the things you like or dislike about the book community?




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