Discussion: Does any book genre deserve criticism?

Most people have that one kind of book that they hate. For me, it is romantic smut. I have nothing against smut itself, but I really dislike books in which the MC runs into a hottie, they end up having hot kinky sex, and then they realize they had developed feelings for each other. I had always thought that that was ridiculous and unrealistic.

However, it recently struck me that people often have the same kind of complaint about YA fiction in general-there are many who dislike it as it is ‘unrealistic.’.And I find myself often annoyed by those people. People looking down on books just because they are YA have always been one of my pet peeves. Yes, YA books are often unrealistic, but they could be really well written.

So, I wondered whether I was guilty of doing the thing that annoys me when others do. Is having a fairy tale relationship with a sex god really much more unrealistic than saving the world in your teens?

While it is perfectly alright to dislike or avoid a genre, is it justified to look down on an entire genre, or a book just because it belongs to a specific genre? What are your thoughts on this?


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