Tropes I love

Here are some of my all time favorite book tropes. I realize that this list might be quite controversial. These are my personal faves, and if you disagree with any of my opinions, do let me know why.

1. The protagonist with a tragic past.

I love characters who have had a tragic past. It makes their story believable, and I love the concept of the character made stronger by adversity. One example of such a character from a recent read is Yelena Zaltana from the Study series. She had one of the worst pasts I’ve ever read about, and that really added to the story.

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2. The morally ambiguous/grey character.

I love characters who are morally ambiguous. It makes stories more believable, and interesting. Real life is often not full of black and white characters,people have complex personalities. Some examples of such characters are Snape and the Malfoys from Harry Potter, and every other character from the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

3.The introverted/socially awkward misfit

This trope is often seen  in YA contemporaries, and I love it, as I find it really easy to relate to such characters. Two such characters are Cath from Fangirl and Ari from Arisotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe.

4.MC finding out that he/she is related to someone unexpected(if done right).

I loved this trope in the Inheritance Cycle. It was really unexpected, and took me by surprise (though I did have a tiny inkling about it in the beginning). One time this trope was done wrong was (in my opinion) the Cursed Child.

5. Friends to lovers.

I love this trope at times. At other times, I prefer best friends staying best friends. The Percy Jackson series was one series where I loved it. Percabeth forever!!!

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So, what are your favorite tropes? Do you like any of these?


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