August 2016 Wrap Up.

I read 8 books this month.


.download (31)


I had such mixed feelings about this book. On one hand, it was really nice seeing all the HP characters return. On the other hand, I have soooo many issues with the plot.

download (8)

Rating 3.5/5

It was a fun enjoyable book, typical John Green fare. I wonder why none of his books measure up to TFIOS. Review



A cute, fluffy contemporary read. To be honest, I was slightly disappointed in the book, as I had heard a lot of hype about it, but there were parts that were really sweet and also thoughtful and intriguing parts.Review

download (11).jpg

These books were AMAZING! However, I feel the need to reread the last book, as I had read it too fast to enjoy it properly. Remind me not ti marathon series like these.

download (7)

Rating: 4/5. This was beautiful. Review

download (12).jpg

Rating: 3/5

I did not like this as much as I expected to. I felt it was rather overhyped. Review coming soon.

Currently reading:


I had resolved to read more classics, and since right now I don’t have a lot of time on my hands, picking up a breezy children’s book seemed to be a good idea.



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