Ten Bookish Facts About Me

Here are ten random bookish facts about me.

  1. I had gotten into reading through Enid Blyton’s books. I spent a good bit of my childhood immersed in them.
  2. After that came Harry Potter. Even today, I’m a huge Potterhead.
  3. My family consists of avid readers as well. 
  4. This may come as a shocker, but I’m not really careful with books. I damage them sometimes.
  5. I had sort of written a book once. It is called The Silver Stones and looking back at it, it was a pretty pathetic excuse for a book.
  6. I want to write real books someday. Books that would make people think and feel.
  7. I am not that book on romance in books. I find it rather annoying at times.
  8. The first Booktuber I had ever watched was Sasha from Abookutopia. I love the enthusiasm she has which is rather obvious in the videos. Other Booktubers whom I watch are Katytastic, Sam@Thoughts on Tomes, BenjaminofTomes, JesseTheReader, and Regan@Perusal project.
  9. I don’t have a favorite book.
  10. I’ve never hated a book. Disliked, yes. But never had a book ever filled me with anger and rage because of its badness. 

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