Opinion: I am over the Harry Potter series.

Recently I read about the possibility of a new Harry Potter movie coming up.

I remember how much I hoped for, prayed for something like that six years ago. However, now that it is a real possibility, I feel rather meh.

Similarly, when the Cursed Child was announced,  I was excited, but I did not get overwhelmed with excitement the way I would have six years ago. At that time, I was seriously willing to sacrifice my soul for any sort of sequel.

My attitude towards the Fantastic Beasts movie was similar, while I am looking forward to watching it, I don’t feel particularly ecstatic about the revelations about Ilvermoney. I had found out that I’m in Pukwidge(I’m a Ravenclaw, by the way), but I don’t feel particularly interested in finding out what that means.

I realized, sadly, I have gotten over Harry Potter. I still love it, and I would totally continue to follow the developments in the fandom, but the years have somehow reduced the magic of the series for me. The Harry Potter series now feels like an ex with whom you had a wonderful relationship with, and the breakup hurt you bad, but now you’re over him, and look back at the relationship as a happy memory. 

I was a bit scared of expressing this opinion of mine, and I totally understand if you feel otherwise. I will, of course, be a Potterhead forever.


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