Books I’ve DNF’d

I don’t often DNF books. However, there ARE a few books that I tried reading….and I just couldn’t finish them. I am not saying that they’re bad, but they just did not work out for me.



  1. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies- Seth Grahame -Smith


I was never much of a P&P fan. I was actually really bored to death reading it(Sorry guys. No offence). I thought this one would be better, with zombie action added to it, but I just could not read it beyond the first few chapters.


2. Crosssed-Ally Condie

download (19)

I loved it’s prequel, Matched. However, this book was really annoying, nothing seemed to appen in it at all.


3. .Pandemonium-Lauren Oliver


I know. Most of the things I’ve heard about this book are positive. However, I did not really feel like finishing this one.


4. Glass Sword-Victoria Aveyard

download (58)

I actually really liked Red Queen. However, When I got to the sequel, I somehow didn’t find myself enjoying it, so it got DNF’d.



Having read the Fifty Shades series at an age when I was unexposed to this kind of stuff, I do not share the animosity the book community has towards it. However, this book was too much for me.




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