The Playlist Book Tag

I had just finished reading The Summer that melted everything. by Tiffany McDaniel, and it has given a serious book hangover. It was a really incredibly read, which dealt with serious issues like racism, violence, homophobia etc. The ending was…..I don’t want to give out any spoilers, but, I still haven’t gotten over it.

Anyways, I decided to do the Playlist Book tag, which I found on BookTube.

The rules say that you’ve to put your playlist on shuffle and pick a book for every song that comes up. However, I found that really difficult, so instead, I’m going to go through my playlist, and randomly pick songs that I feel would be suitable for a book.

Some of my choices are really obvious. However there are others which would not be so obvious.

Mercy- Shawn Mendes

download (38)


They don’t know about us-One Direction

download (42)



I hate everything about you-Three Days Grace

download (3)


Cancer-My Chemical Romance

download (3)


Bang Bang-Green Day

download (22)


New Americana-Halsey


(This may not make sense going by the lyrics alone. However, the music video reminds me of Divergent.


Victorious-Panic! at the disco

download (17)


Love story-Taylor Swift





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