Build a book Tag (Original)

This is nor the first time I’ve attempted to create a tag, but the last time I did that, my idea was rather cliched and  unoriginal. This one is an idea that struck me while going through the Zombie Apocalypse Book tag


1.Choose any six books.

2. Turn to a random page in each book, and write the name of the first character you come across on a piece of paper. Put the pieces of paper in a jar.

3.Pick one of the pieces randomly. The character you get is the main character of your book.

4. Pick  three more pieces. Those three names are the characters who form your MC’s squad. Also, the third one is the MC’s best friend.

5. Pick one more piece. The name you get is your MC’s love interest.

6. The last one in the jar is the villain.

Now, what would your story be?

These are my choices.

  1. Main Character: Shahrzad(The Wrath and the Dawn).
  2. Squad: Bailey(Night Circus), Ned Stark(Game of Thrones), America(Selection). Best friend-America.
  3. Love interest-Cinder
  4. Villain-Hermione.

Okay so what is this? Seriously?

Since I have to make up a story, I will.

When Hugo Granger-Weasely, son of evil minister of magic Hermione had come of age, Hermione had placed a curse forcing him to take a new bride everyday and kill her that night.Shahrzad happens to be one of the brides, but she somehow escapes the palace. Hermione decides to conduct a Selection for the next bride of Hugo, and America is forced to take part in it, but she escapes, meets and befriends Shahrzad, and teams up with a runaway circus boy Bailey, and Ned Stark, who has run away from the gallows(He had been sentenced to death for questioning Hugo’s paternity). The four of them to escape to New Beijing where Shahrzad meets and falls for a mysterious young mechanic, Cinder. It turns out, Cinder is the part of a secret rebel movement to overthrow Hermione.


So, I tag:

  1. Zezee
  2. Anushka H.
  3. You, if you want to do this tag.

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