Recent Non-Bookish obsessions.

I’ve never made a non bookish obsessions post before so, here it goes.

I had mentioned several times that I’ve not watched many TV shows- ANY TV shows, in fact. However, I desperately wanted to change that.

I’ve been binge-watching this TV show which everyone on earth seem to have watched.

download (3).jpg

I’ve watched ten episodes in two days!It is such a light-hearted, fun show! Watching it made me kind of desperate to have a squad (I’m going through a rather friendless phase).

Also, I did not know how the name Phoebe was pronounced till I watched this. I had always assumed that it was pronounced like ‘phone’ with ‘b’ instead of ‘n’. Facepalm.

Another recent obsession is anime. I watched Death Note a couple of months ago, and I thought it was amazing. The concept was so simple, yet so twisted…..and the characters were so amazing. While most are fans of the character L, I prefer Light Yagami. I know he’s twisted and evil, but his characterization has been so well done…. and this might be scary, but I do kind of see where he’s coming from at times.

I started watching Attack on Titan later on. I had watched the first twelve episodes, but then school came in between, and I really have to find the time to watch the rest of it.

If you have any TV show or anime recommendations, do tell me!


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