Book Travelling Thursday

Today, I would like to start doing a new meme, Book Travelling Thursday, where we take a look at book covers from around the world. Since today’s theme is free for us to choose, from the previous ones. I choose a topic from January.

Everyone loves movies… Choose a movie that is going to be adapted in 2016.

I choose Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, by j.K Rowling, a book I read recently, and a movie I’m looking forward to.

Here’s the link to the Goodreads group for this meme.


Original cover and cover from my country.



My favorite covers are the once from Germany,Bulgaria and France.

I really don’t have a cover for this which I disliked, so I’m skipping the last part, where I had to pick a least favorite cover.


One thought on “Book Travelling Thursday

  1. It’s a shame that authors don’t get any say in the front cover of their book. I know that in the non US versions of Looking for Alaska by John Green most of the covers had pictures of girls and their feet which was meant to promote innocents. Anyway I have a version with the orgional cover but the Bulgarian cover looks nice.

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