The Ultimate Game of Thrones book tag

I have a strange connection with GoT. I can’t claim to be a fan of the show, as I’ve watched only a few episodes of one season. However, I’ve read the first three books, and I generally know what’s going on the GoT world. So, I decided to do this tag.


“We Do Not Sow” – A Book You Would Not Be Willing to Invest In


I was initially intrigued by the After series by Anna Todd, as I knew it started out as fanfiction, and I love the idea of fanfic authors becoming actual published authors. However, YA romance is not really my favorite genre, the storyline seems rather cliched, and I don’t think I would enjoy it.


“Fire and Blood” – A Book That Produced Strong Emotions In You


I’ve not finished this book, but I’ve almost finished it, and I found myself getting really emotional over some of the challenges Ender faces, at a really young age.


“Winter is Coming” – Your Favorite Winter Read

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I don’t usually choose my books according to season, but I feel the His Dark Materials trilogy has a really wintery feel to it.


“Family. Duty. Honor.” – A Book About Strong Family Ties

download (39)

Landline by Rainbow Rowell is not exactly about family ties, but it was the closest I could get.


“Growing Strong” – A Book You Had Low Expectations of But That Grew on You

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I had heard some really bad reviews about Girl Online by Zoe Sugg, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out I actually liked it. It was definitely not a mind-blowing, life-changing read, but I found the main character quite relatable, and the story was fun to read.


“Ours is the Fury” – A Book That Made You Furious


The Summer that melted everything by Tiffany McDaniel. It was not the book itself that made me furious, I actually loved the book, but the harsh reality of racism depicted in the book made me furious.


“Unbowed. Unbent. Unbroken.” – A Book You Have Unwavering Devotion To

download (27)

I had picked Eragoon by Christopher Paoloni years ago hoping to fill the hole in my heart the end of the Harry Potter series gave me, and I loved it. I’ve read all teh books in the series, and it happens to be one of my all time favorite series.


“A Lannister Always Pays His Debts” – A Book You Feel Indebted To


I read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell at a time when I was dealing with some of the issues Cath dealt with in the book, and it was a really comforting read.


So, that’s it. If you feel like doing this tag, feel free to do so.




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