Book ideas I’ve had

I’ve been wanting to write a book for ages, and here are some ideas I started with and gave up on.

  1. Set in a world where all females possess magical ability, and all the males possess exceptional fighting skills, the female MC is an exception. She does not have magical abilities. Everyone in the land is required to serve the king once they turn sixteen- as a fighter if they are male, as a magician if they are female. Aware of her inability , and the fact that she would be ostracized if the truth is revealed,  the MC’s parents train her to fight , so that she could masquerade as a boy and join the fighters .
  2.  The MC is the daughter of one of the two most powerful politicians in the land. She is also a genius who graduated from school years early. She dislikes politics and eventually moves out of her father’s house, but is unable to completely escape his influence. She secretly starts working as a tutor for her father’s political rival’s children, a who include a girl of her age (nineteen), an eighteen year old boy and a fourteen year old girl who are all beautiful and intelligent. She develops a crush on the boy, who happens to be engaged(early marriage is a custom in their family). One day, she is asked to attend a dinner party in her father’s stead, and she ends up discovering a plot to murder the entire family of her father’s political rival.
  3. Siblings Tria and Rancomb are sorcerers who live in a world were less than a thousand sorcerers are alive, and almost all of them are the part of a criminal organization led by Alcrox Lois. They had been raised by their father, was an idealist who refused to have any association with the crime group. After their father gets killed in an accident, they decide to join the crime group as it is the only way forward for sorcerers. Tria is willing to go to any extent for self-preservation, but Rancomb is an idealist, and he feels a lot of angst and guilt over the crimes they commit, especially when they find out that their father to be. (Rancomb ends up killing his sister as well as the Alcrox Lois in the end.
  4. A tooth-fairy retelling. There is a special race of fay called the Protectors who give presents to children once they reach a certain age-around the time they lose their first tooth. The presents are a sign of the bond between the child and the Protector, and the Protector has to protect the child from the dangers of the world, till they reach adulthood. This follows the MC as she goes through a training school for Protectors.



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