Books I like which are disliked by the book community.

Today I will be talking about some of the books that are disliked by most people in the bookish community which I personally like. These books are not necessarily unpopular,but most book bloggers and booktubers seem to hate them, so….


While it comes to classics, I’ve heard a lot of people say they dislike The catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger, but I don’t really get why. I liked it. It is not my favorite or anything, and I get it that Holden Caulfield is not a very likable character, but I don’t think he was meant to be likable. I enjoyed reading from his point of view, as it was really different from most books.

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I’ve seen Dan Brown’s books get a lot of hate, but I love them. I had been quite young when I had read them, so perhaps I wouldn’t be as fascinated with it as I was, if I reread it. However, those books will always hold a place in my heart, as I enjoyed them so much(except for, maybe the Lost Symbol) . I especially loved Inferno, which dealt with some really scary ethical questions.

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I am not going to talk about the ghost writing allegations surrounding this book. However, despite the not so good reviews I’ve seen on goodreads, I enjoyed this book, I thought it was really cute, and I could relate to the main character really well. The ending was really cheesy, and I don’t believe this book is great literature or anything, but all the same, it was a fun read.


I’ve seen a lot of people say they disliked Paper Towns by John Green, and I admit, it is not my favorite John Green book. However, I thought it was an interesting read. I did not really think much of Margo Roth Spiegelman, but I really liked Quentin. Also, (*minor spoiler) I really liked the part where Quentin realized that it was not Margo the girl he was in love with, but HIS idealized version of Margo. I had been through something like that before, so I find it really relatable.


Do you like any of these books? Are there any books people dislike which you like? Do tell me in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Books I like which are disliked by the book community.

  1. I like Dan Brown’s the da Vinci code. That’s the only book I’ve read written by him. It kept me hooked throughout.
    I personally don’t like Eleanor & Park so much. I mean yeh the book has conveyed us a lot. A lot. I find it too cheesy and I prefer happy endings because come one our life is shitty xD I don’t like the part where Eleanor stops communicating with park after going to her uncle’s place in Minnesota.

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