Let’s talk about book covers.

While it is said that a book should not be judged by it’s cover, many of us are guilty of doing exactly that. The book cover is the first thing that is bound to catch our eye when we see a book in a book store. Here are some of my favorite book covers.



What I like the most about these covers is that they make sense. They give a fairly good impression about the book.

However, are they really that important? I mean, I agree  that having an attractive cover is important for a book, but I feel rather puzzled when I hear people in the bookish community say they buy an extra copy of the books they already own, because their covers don’t match, or because the other cover looks good. I mean, books cost money. For me, money is definitely a constraint while buying books. I get that some of you may be able to afford it, but why spend money on a book you’ve already read when you can spend it on a new book?

I do not intend to offend anyone by bringing this up. This is just my opinion, and I’d like to have a meaningful discussion around this. If you have a differing opinion, do tell me in the comments.


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