ARC review: How to be Happy-A memoir of love, sex and teenage confusion.


Author: David Burton

Genre: Memoir,YA, contemporary, LGBT

Rating: 3.5/5

I obtained an ARC of this book from Text Publishing Company via NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

This book revolves around the story of Dave, who is confused about his sexuality. Throughout high school, he struggles to hide the fact that he might be gay. Later, he comes out, and builds his identity around his sexuality, only to later on discover that he may not really be what he thinks himself to be. It also touches on issues like friendship, family, mental illness, disability etc.

The book began really well. I really liked reading about Dave’s early teenage years, his friendships, and how he encountered depression for the first time. His confusion about his sexuality was also interesting to read. I personally am not experienced enough with these topics to judge whether it was sensitively done or not, but I did like reading about it. However, I somehow started getting rather bored as it went on to describe his college life. The writing struck me as rather repetitive, and I found myself wanting to get done with the middle part of the book ASAP.

Overall, it was an engaging read. It  was not the best work I have read which dealt with the subject, but I am glad I read it.



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