Recommending a book

THIS IS NOT A BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS POST. Here, I am going to talk about how difficult it is to recommend books to some people.

Recently, a friend of mine from school texted me, asking me to suggest a book for her to read. I knew that she was a rather occasional reader and had no idea what kind of books she liked to read. She told me she wanted something  preferably ’emotional and romantic’.

I was in a dilemma. What kind of book did she expect? A classic? YA? New Adult? Besides, I am not a big fan of romance, and I hadn’t read many romance books. I ended up recommending the book I had just finished reading-The Book Thief. I told her that it wasn’t romance, but I had just finished reading it, and I really liked it. I knew it was a book that most people found easy to like, so it was a safe recommendation.

I wonder if any of you can relate. I personally feel it is much easier to recommend books to people in the bookish community than outside it. Do share your opinions.




6 thoughts on “Recommending a book

  1. I can totally relate to the struggles of picking a book out for someone else because I get so worried that they won’t like my recommendation;(

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  2. YES! This is such a big dilemma. Whenever I recommend a book to a friend who is an occasional reader, I feel personally responsible if they don’t like the book I suggested. Or even worse: when I recommend a book I loved but they just “liked” it *gasps to eternity*.

    It really is easier to recommend books to bookish people because they can tell you what books they love, and chances are you know some of them, so you base your recommendations off of that.

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