The Secondhand Fandom Syndrome

I know this is something really random, but I wanted to talk about this for quite some time. Have you ever found yourself fangirling over something, and then thinking, Hey! I’ve never even read this book, or watched this show/movie or whatever. So what am I so excited about? Sure, I’ve seen a lot of references to it on the internet, or in real life(but mostly on the internet in my case), but I’m not a part of that fandom!

It happens to me all the time. There are so many fandoms I’m not directly a part of, but I feel like I’m a part of.I know about their characters, the popular ships in the fandom etc, and I’m totally able to recognize references to them on the internet. I even sometimes fangirl at the references, and I even feel annoyed when someone trashes it. I know, it sound totally crazy. This is often called the Secondhand Fandom Syndrome, and Tumblr is said to be the main cause of it. I’m not active on Tumblr, but I do see these fandoms elsewhere online, and I sometimes feel like I’m a part of them, though not really.


images (7).jpg

I know too much about the Winchesters for someone who has never watched a single episode of the show. I know quite a bit about the fandom, and the ships and stuff like that, and I’ve even read a fanfic or two.


Okay, this is not really 100% a secondhand fandom for me, as I’ve read the first three books, but I haven’t watched the show, except for a few episodes in the first season. However, I keep getting excited and fangirling whenever the show is mentioned,and I find myself recognizing/referencing incidents that I’ve never watched or read about, characters whom I would have never known existed if it were not for the internet etc.

images (8).jpg

This might come as a shocker, but I haven’t watched that many Disney movies. I’ve never watched Tangled, Pocohontas, Aladdin or Sleeping beauty. And I haven’t watched most of the Disney-Pixar ones. Yet, I often find myself fangirling over these movies when I see references to them.

download (34).jpg

I’ve never read the comics. I’ve watched a whopping total of two of the movies. Yet, I feel excited about them when they’re mentioned online.

download (35).jpg

Okay, I’ve never read Throne of Glass. But, I am a part of the book blogging community, where this series gets mentioned only a few thousand times. So, I feel like I’m a part of the fandom even though I’m really not.


Same here as with Throne of Glass.

So, can any of you relate? Or am I the only crazy one?


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