Review: Carson’s chaos.

I am taking part in Dumbledore’s Army Readathon, hosted by Aentee  Read at Midnight, which focuses on diverse reads. I’ve chosen to read Carson’s chaos-A memoir of Carson’s life for one of the prompts. I found the book on Netgalley.



This is a memoir (Duh!) of the life of Carson Adams, and it fit the prompt on two counts, as he is not only transgender but also disabled (He has cerebral palsy).

I really liked this book. Carson Adam seemed to be an incredible person. His writing was really raw, honest and funny at times. He did an excellent job in portraying his life as a transgender disabled person who had been bought up in a rather conservative, dysfunctional family. He was brutally honest, and did not shy from admitting his mistakes.He also talked about his experiences with addiction and substance abuse. I am really glad he did not shy away from talking about that. I must admit that I personally did not expect that there would be much about serious issues unrelated to his disability and gender identity in the book, and now I realize that I was really wrong to assume that.It is wrong to see people as one-dimensional beings completely defined by their gender, sexuality, ability etc.

There were parts which I felt were annoying as they were overly ranty. However, I do accept that he is entitled to rant after all he had been through. Some of the observations he made were really spot-on, and I would definitely recommend the book.




Carson Adams is a graduate student at the University of Alabama, pursing his Master’s degree in rehabilitative counseling. Carson offers a unique authority in his field due to having cerebral palsy himself. Beyond his disability, Carson is also a transgender man that struggles with self-acceptance in a turbulent world. Carson has been married for two years and resides in Pensacola, Florida.

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