Reading goals for 2017

In 2016, I had taken the Goodreads challenge, to read 60 books. I actually surpassed my goal, by reading 71. The logical conclusion would be that I should set a higher goal this time round, but instead of doing that, I’m repeating the challenge with the same goal. The reason is that my social life sucked big time last year, and books were my only escape, and I really hope that would change this year.



books completed

1 book ahead of schedule
1/60 (2%)
I’m also doing the Popsugar reading challenge
I wouldn’t be making TBRs based on this challenge or anything. In fact, I would just read normally till about mid-year. And then I would check the list and plan my TBR if required.
So what are your reading goals for 2016? Do tell me in the comments.

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