My fave booktubers- Part 2

A few months ago, I had made a post about my favourite booktubers. I decided to make a second part for it, as I’ve spent a lot of time on booktube lately, and I know of many more booktubers now.All the names link into their channel


Sam@Thoughts on Tomes

images (1).jpg

I love her channel. She is amazing, and unafraid to critique a book, however hyped up it may be. Her gush and gripe videos are amazing.


KaShawn@ The Book Archer

She is the creator of the extremely popular Unpopular opinions book tag (Yeah, I know how ironic that sounds). She’s amazing, so do check her out.



He is an awesome booktuber, who is also a writer, and his videos are really cool!


Cece@Problems of a book nerd

Cece is another great booktuber, who focuses a lot on diverse reads, especially in the LGBTQ+ category.I love her channel, as it I am very much interested in incorporating more diversity into my reading.



Unlike most booktubers who read mostly YA, Max focuses mostly on adult books, especially literary fiction. I love watching his videos, as it helps me broaden my reading.



Caleb is a really adorable young  booktuber. His videos are always super-fun.



Helen is another amazing booktuber, whom I absolutely love. She talks about many great books. which are not often talked about in the bookish community.



She is another awesome booktuber.


So, those are my current fave booktubers. I can go on and on about them, but I won’t as I’d make a third part for this. So, that’s it. Do tell me about your favourite booktubers as well.






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