ARC review:This is what a librarian looks like by Kyle Cassidy

Disclaimer: This book would be released on 16th May 2017, by the publisher Black Dog and Leventhal. I got a free ARC via Netgalley. All opinions stated are my own.



I have really fond memories of all the time I spent in the library as a kid. I was never much into sports, or even into TV, so I spent most of my time reading. I was obsessed with books, and I loved going to the library and spending my time in fictional worlds. However, one thing I never gave much thought to was the men and women who actually worked in libraries. So, I was really excited when I found this book on Netgalley!

This book is basically a montage of photographs of many librarians, accompanied by words by them, about their feelings, thoughts and ideas about reading and libraries. There were also short pieces by well known authors and other literary people including once by really well known personalities like George R.R Martin and Neil Gaiman. I really enjoyed the glimpse into the lives of various librarians. There were many useful insights about topics like the debate on the relevance of libraries in the age of the internet, which I found really interesting.

The only problem I had was that some of the quotes in the book tended to be rather preachy. I love libraries and would support them to death, but I found myself getting a bit tired of being told over and over again that libraries ARE important. I know they are. But don’t preach at me please. However, I felt that way a minority of the time I spent reading this, this was an intensely enjoyable reading experience for the most part. If you love reading, and love libraries, do check this out. It wold come out in May 2017.


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