This aspect of the ‘diversity’ discussion bothers me.

This is something I am a bit reluctant to talk about as I am afraid of what the response would be. For quite some time, there has been a lot of discussions going on about diversity in books, and that is something I’m all for. I love diversity, I think it is really important, and I’m glad there are people talking about it. However, there is one phenomenon I have noticed among book bloggers, booktubers etc which bothers me to a certain extent.

I recently watched a video in which a booktuber said something on the lines of ‘This is a space opera about queer women of color. What more do you need?’ I was like, um, a good plot? Well-developed characters? Good writing? I mean, I think its great that queer women of color are getting representation. However, I kind of wish she had talked about the other cool things about the book and then added the fact about the queer women of color to emphasize on how great it is that the book has diversity. Now, I am not really blaming her, but I find it really annoying, and a bit disrespectful when one treats diversity as some kind of advertising point. Like when you’re saying THIS BOOK IS DIVERSE SO IT IS AWESOME IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT THE FUCKING PLOT IS. I’m definitely not implying that diverse books don’t have great plots/writing etc, all I’m saying is that it people shouldn’t use diversity as a way to sell books. Talk about the book THEN talk about the diversity for extra brownie points. I personally feel that the promotion of books that are not really good, just for the diversity factor is rather demeaning, as it is treating diversity like a selling point. It also encourages lazy writing.

Now, I just voiced my opinion, do tell me in the comments if you agree or disagree. I just hope I made sense.


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