The zombie apocalypse book tag

I’ve seen this tag all over and it looked like it would be a lot of fun to do, so I thought I’d do it. Here it goes .

Pick five books randomly.

My choices are:


There are ten questions, two questions per book. Pick the books and flip them into a random page. The first name you see would be the answer to the question.

1. The first person to die.

Conor from a monster calls. Aw, that’s so sad.

2.The first person you trip to get away from the zombies.

Lily, Connor’s friend.

3. The first person you turn into a zombie 

Langston, Lily’s brother from Dash and Lily’s book of dares. But I liked Langston!😞

4.The person that trips you to get away from zombies.

Boomer. Tbh, I don’t remember much about him.

5. The idiot of the team.

Ove. Wtf. It’s so weird thinking of a sixty year old man as the idiot of a zombie apocalypse team.

6. The brains of the team

Rune. Oh great. Yet another weird choice.

7. The team’s medic.

Emilliene. I guess that could work out.

8.The weapon expert.

Rowe. Okay.

9. The brawler/fighter

Celia. What?

10.The team captain.



In all, I guess this would be one weird-ass team. I’m not tagging anyone, do it if you want to.



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