January Wrap Up


So, it’s that time of the month again. January was a sucky month for me in general, but it was a great reading month. I managed to read a ridiculous amount of books. Goodreads says I’ve read 17 books, however I don’t know how accurate that is, because 1. It does not count rereads and 2. I’ve read five volumes of manga, which was each counted as an individual book, but I really flew through them.The manga I read was Death Note. I had watched the anime before, and I really enjoyed getting back to that world.

The books I reread were The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and A Man called Ove by Fredrick Backman. I enjoyed the night circus much more this time, as the first time I read it, I was really caught in the hype.

I had also picked up A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, and I loved it. Review.


I also read Deathknight by Andrew J Offut, which was a high fantasy following a man named Falc who was sworn to an order named Sons of Asah.


I also read the Whizbang machine, which was a really fun read.


I had taken part in the Dumbledore’s Army readathon, which focused on diverse reads. I ended up epicly failing it. I had managed to read just one book for it, that was Carson’s chaos, which was the memoir of a disabled trans man.


I then read Tartan temptation by Kayden Claremont, which was a rather silly, sexy guilty pleasure kind of read. I would recommend it if you are not squicked out by the idea of knowing what it’s like to have sex with a merman.


I also read A princess saves herself in this one by Amanda Lovelace, which was a collection of poetry, and I absolutely loved it.


I also read This is what a librarian looks like, by Kyle Cassidy, which was a really cool picture book that celebrated libraries and librarians.


Another book I had read was Sucktown Alaska by Craig Duties.. I found the premise of the book really interesting, but I did not really enjoy it, as I did not like the main character. I thought he was really whiny, and he made a lot of stupid decisions.


I also read Resistance by Mikhaeyla which was the first book in The Divided Elements series, which I loved. It was kind of like an adult version of Divergent, and it was really well written.


The next book I read was Dreadnought by April Daniels, which is the first book in the Nemesis series. It followed Danny a trans girl who acquired the powers of the superhero Dreadnought, and it was a really great read.




The last book I read was The tiger in the well by Philip Pullman. This was the third book in the Sally Lockhart series by him, and I actually went into it without reading the previous books, which I now realise was a silly thing to do.😀

So, that’s it. Have you read any of these book? Do tell me your thoughts.


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