T5W:Non bookish obsessions.

Top five Wednesday is a weekly feature hosted by Sam@Thoughts on Tomes and Lainey @Ginger reads Lainey. Today’s topic is current non bookish obsessions, so let’s get started.

1.Yuri!! on ice: When I first started watching this anime, I didn’t think it would be something I’d get into. However, now I’m totally obsessed with it, and I feel kind of empty as I’ve watched all the episodes. I’m looking forward to a second season.Oh, and Victor x Yuuri is my new OTP.



2. F.R. I.E. N.D.S: Okay, I’m not as obsessed with it right now, as I was a month ago. However, I still really enjoy it, and it’s become a big part of life for me. I sometimes feel a bit weird fangirling over something from so long ago, but all the same I love it.

3. YouTube: I’ve actually always loved YouTube . However, these days I can’t go a day without watching something or the other on YouTube.

4. Fanfiction:Im not sure this counts as non bookish. However, I’ve been really into both reading and writing fanfic lately.

5. This lipgloss 


I am not at all a makeup enthusiast. I know next to nothing about makeup. However I bought this lipgloss lately, and I LOVE it.


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