Review: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

Ender’s Game follows a young boy Ender, who is born a Third, i.e a third child in a futuristic society which follows a two-child policy. He is chosen to attend Battle School, where he’d be trained to fight the buggers, who are a mysterious alien race. It also follows his siblings Peter and Valentine who have their own plans to take over the world. I’m sorry if that’s a terrible description but I don’t like the goodreads blurb as I feel it reveals way too much. In fact, if you are planning to read this book, I’d suggest you go into it without reading the blurb.

I really enjoyed the book. I really liked Ender, he was a cinnamon role who had been through a lot at an age too young. I feel that the writer did a good job portraying his character development, and I couldn’t help feeling for him throughout the book. The plot was quite interesting, but I was more interested in the characters and everything Ender went through. The story was really compelling and kept me turning the pages.

About the stuff I didn’t like, I felt that the whole ‘kids saving the world’ thing was quite overdone. It was really unrealistic, and while I usually don’t have a problem with the trope, it appeared a bit too much in this book. Also, I felt the ending was not done too well. It lacked a proper explanation. However, it IS the first book in a series, so it’s possible it would get resolved in the sequel.


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