Review: My Brother’s Wedding by Andaleeb Wajid

Q, Y, X, T, T and B are not merely high-scoring Scrabble tiles; they represent the people in Saba’s life who feature on her blog, My Brother’s Wedding. Saba’s brother, Y, is to get married and, since the day her mother and sister began scanning the horizon for prospective brides, there’s never been a dull moment at home. Saba, though, just cannot understand what the fuss is all about. A literature student pulled away from her beloved books, she finds the blogosphere a good place to rant in and to share with the world how a wedding can make everything around you go haywire.

Join Saba and her family as they quarrel over shopping, expenses and responsibilities, and as they realize gradually that there’s nothing like a wedding to bring a family together.


Though I am from India, I seldom read Indian books, and I wanted to change that, so when I found this book on Kindle Store for just Rs 65 ($1), I immediately bought it. So, here are my thoughts on the book.


What worked for me

This was a really fun, breezy read. It had really fun, interesting characters and I really liked the main character. I enjoyed reading about her relationships with the other characters, especially her best friend Riya, and Shahid who is the main love interest. Riya and Saba’s friendship was a lot of fun to read about. I also enjoyed reading about her relationship with her sister, Rabia. I found Rabia’s character to be really annoying in the beginning and it bothered me how much full of girl hate their relationship was, but eventually I started warming up towards them as they showed great character development.The romance was really sweet, and I really liked the love interest.  The writing style was really easy to get through, and I finished the book in a single day.


What didn’t work

While I liked the MC, I thought she was a bit immature at times.Like, there was this scene where she came across a hot guy, and she decided she was in love with him, without even talking to him. Like what even?

Also, I was not a fan of the ending. A number of rather unrealistic occurrences took place, and I just wasn’t satisfied by how it all wrapped up.


Rating: 3.5/5



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