Books that made me cry

This post is actually inspired by a video by one of my favorite booktubers, BenjaminOfTomes.

In this post, I am using the word cry metaphorically. I am a hard-hearted soul who never actually cries at books. However, here are the books that hit me right in the feels.

Image result for inheritance christopher paolini

This may be a surprise for most of you as this is the final book in a high fantasy series that did not really have that many sad moments. However, the ending was so touching and rather sad. It hit me right in the feels.

Image result for the amber spyglass

This is another final book in a series. It had a very feelsy ending.

Image result for the fault in our stars book

I  am sure this book would be on the list of many of you, for obvious reasons.

Image result for the hunger games trilogy books

This might be a great trilogy, but it has very little pleasantness in it.


Image result for the book thief

This is another book that is sure to be on the list for many of you.


Sigh, another tearjerker.

download (1).jpg

These books leave me in metaphoric tears every single time.

So, which are the books that made you cry? Do let me know in the comments.



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