My Reading Bucket List


This post is inspired by the following video by Regan @ PeruseProject.

This is different from a regular TBR, as I would be listing some reading goals I have without mentioning a specific span of time for accomplishing them. Here are those.

  1. To reread the Harry Potter series.
  2. To reread the Hunger games
  3. To reread Lord of the Rings
  4. To complete A Song of Ice and Fire series.
  5. To read A Handmaiden’s tale.
  6. To read something by Chuck Palanuihk
  7. To read Jane Eyre
  8. To read Gone with the Wind
  9. To read something by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  10. To read something by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche.
  11. To read graphic novels(Yes I’ve never really read a proper graphic novel)
  12. To read manga.


What are some of your book bucket list goals?


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