Non Bookish Post- My favorite anime.

I really wanted to post something today, but I really was not feeling like doing a Bookish post, so I thought I’d talk about all my favorite anime. It’s actually a really short list as I’ve started watching anime not too long ago, and I haven’t watched too many of them.

1. Death Note



Death Note was one of the first anime I had watched and I absolutely loved it. It follows a teenager named Light Yagami, who finds a Death Note which has the capability to kill anyone whose name is written on it, and he takes it upon himself to use it to rid the world of those he seemed evil. Then, there’s another character L who tries to catch Light, and there’s this strategy battle between them.

2. Ouran High School Host Club

download (1).jpg


This follows our main character Haruhi, and a group of boys who are a part of a host club. Haruhi joins the host club pretending to be a boy in order to pay for an expensive case she had broken, and a whole lot of fun stuff follows. This was actually a guilty pleasure watch of fine,it was fun and light-hearted, but not deep or life changing.


images (1).jpg


This follows Hiyori, a schoolgirl and Yato, a little-known god on their adventures together. I am currently watching the second season of this anime, and it’s really fun and enjoyable.

4. Orange

images (2).jpg

Orange is about a high school girl named Naho who receives a letter from her future self asking her to look out for this new boy in her class. It is a touching, emotional anime that I really enjoyed.

5. Yuri!!! on ice

images (3).jpg

This was actually a bit of an obsession with me. It follows an ice-skate named Yuuri who goes off in a slump after a massive loss in the Grand Prix finals, and about his idol, the skating legend Victor Nikiforov who takes a break from his career to coach Yuuri. It is actually a sweet, heartwarming anime. I love the characters, and Victor x Yuuri is my new OTP.

6. Assassination classroom

download (2).jpg

This follows a weird octopus like creature Koro-sensei who takes his place as the teacher of the outcast E-class and encourages his students to assassinate him. Which I guess doesn’t make much sense, but it is a whole lot of fun.


So, have you watched any of these? Which is your favorite anime?


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