Why I’m done with Snape-hate.

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you are probably aware of how controversial a character Severus Snape is. I’ve heard countless people criticize his behavior and talk about how horrible some of his actions were. I’ve heard people talk about how his creepy obsession with Lily did not justify him bullying a bunch of kids.

And I’m hundred percent on board with that. I agree that Snape’s behavior is pretty much unjustifiable. However, what I’m tired of is the same thing being repeated over and over again. Snape isn’t cool. We get it. Can we move on?

While I get that Snape’s actions were horrible, one cannot really deny he played an important role in bringing down Voldemort. History is filled with morally grey characters who have done great things for less than honorable reasons. That doesn’t lessen their achievements. And Snape is a prime example of that.

So is Snape a good role model? Definitely not. We’re his actions unfairly glorified? Perhaps, I need to reread the books to decide that. Does he deserve to be remembered at all? I believe, yes. His determination, though misguided was admirable. He may not have been a good person. However, he was an interesting, complex character, and describing him as an ‘abusive asshole’ etc only serves to reduce him to a one dimensional character which he was not.

What is your opinion on this?


2 thoughts on “Why I’m done with Snape-hate.

  1. Thank you for this! Snape is my favourite character, not just in the Harry Potter universe but of all time. I’ve been seeing posts going around on Instagram bashing Snape and yes I agree with you on all accounts but sometimes I want to comment and tell those people to stop but my mom didn’t raise me to go out picking fights with people. I understand that he was not a good man but I feel like if I even mention that he’s my fave, I’d automatically be judged. I feel like there’s a confusion among many people because they seem to think that just because a person likes Severus Snape, said person automatically thinks he’s a saint…and that’s where the problem lies. Rant over.

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