Top Ten Tuesday: Noteworthy fictional fathers

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is Father’s Day themed and so I thought I’d talk about some of the noteworthy fathers I’ve come across in fiction. Not all of them are great people or even good fathers, but they’ve all played an important role in shaping their child’s story. Unfortunately this time I had been unable to find ten characters from books alone, so I would be including characters from movies and shows as well. So, let’s get started.

  1. Arthur Weasley from Harry Potter.

Image result for arthur weasley

Ron’s muggle-loving father is an absolute sweetheart and a great character.

2. Eragon’s father from the Inheritance Cycle.

I can’t really talk about him without giving out spoilers, but he played a really important role in the story, and making Eragon the man he became.

3. Lord Asriel in the His Dark Materials trilogy.

Image result for lord asriel

Lord Asriel is one of the most complex and important characters in the series. He’s a morally grey character and his relationship with his daughter is far from ideal, but nevertheless it is pretty important.

4. Poseidon from the Percy Jackson series


Image result for poseidon percy jackson

Poseidon is another character who is not really always there in his son’s life, all the same, he and Percy have a good relationship which is pretty much important in the series.

5. Ned Stark from the Game of Thrones

Image result for ned stark

One of the few genuinely honorable characters in GoT, he had tried his best to be a good father to his kids.

6. Conor’s dad from A Monster Calls

Image result for a monster calls dad

Conor’s dad isn’t present in most of the book as well as in most of Conor’s life. However the portrayal of the estranged parent recoiling with his child in a situation of trouble proved to be an interesting narrative.

7. Arthur Avery from Fangirl

Image result for arthur avery fangirl

Cath and Wren’s dad from Fangirl is definitely one of the better fathers in YA contemporary.

8. Soichiro Yagami from Death Note

Image result for soichiro yagami

Soichiro Yagami is an upright, honest, responsible police officer and family man. As different from his murderous sociopathic son as chalk from cheese. Two bad he ends up being used as a pawn in his game.

9. Maurice from Beauty and the Beast

Image result for maurice beauty and the beast

Maurice is an inventor and a good father to Belle, and he is an important part of the story as it is for his sake Belle ended up living with the beast.

10 . Fa Zhou from Mulan

Image result for mulan's dad

While Mulan’s dad is pretty much a background character, he did play a pretty big role in the story. After all, it is for his sake Mulan joined the army.



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