Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten best books you’ve read in 2017.

Note: These are books I’ve read in 2017, not necessarily 2017 releases. Also, these are in no particular order.


This was such a beautiful read. Following a young blind girl and a Nazi youth during the World War 2, this was such a meaningful story, and the writing was beautiful.


This follows a young black woman in the American South born to poverty and segregation. It was a beautiful story and an insightful look into issues like race and sexuality , and I really liked it.


This is a children’s nonfiction book that follows the stories of over 100 remarkable women. It was such a great, inspiring read.


This is a high fantasy steampunk novel which I simply loved. It had so many interesting, morally grey characters, and a great plot as well.


This follows a transgender girl named Danny who becomes a superhero named Dreadnought. This is a great #ownvoices book that I loved, and I’m eagerly awaiting it’s sequel.


This was a compilation of Norse legends and myths as told my Neil Gaiman. I really enjoyed this book, and Gaiman’s writing.


This and Winter were the only two sequels I had read in 2017. This was probably my favorite book in this series.


I don’t read a lot of poetry. However I loved this one so much, it was so relatable and heart-touching.


The hype is for good reason, guys.


This was such a sad, touching read.


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