ARC Review: Same Love by Tony Correira

Disclaimer:  I obtained an ARC of this book via Netgalley. All my opinions are my own.

At seventeen, Adam has suspected for a while that he might be gay. His sketchbook has become full of images of good-looking men, and he isn’t attracted to any of the girls he knows. When he reveals his feelings to his devout parents, they send him to a Christian camp, warning him that there will be no room in their lives for a gay son. The last thing Adam expects is to meet someone he is deeply attracted to; unfortunately, Paul is more committed to his Christian faith than Adam is.

Adam tries to bury his attraction to Paul by concentrating on his art and his new friends Rhonda and Martin. When it becomes clear how unhappy Rhonda and Martin are at Camp Revelation, Adam and Paul are both forced to question what the church tells them about love. But with a whole camp full of people trying to get Adam to change who he is, what kind of chance do Adam and Paul have to find love and a life with each other?


I recently read this book, and I really liked it!

Most of the LGBT books I’ve read in the past involved mostly supportive families and friends. This was the first time I’ve read a book from the point of view of a gay character was raised in a homophobic family, and in a sheltered environment where he was exposed only to a particular worldview of religion. And I think that’s a pretty important narrative. After all, there are so many teens who grow up like that.

I liked the writing and the characters. Rhonda was by far my favorite character. I also liked the romance, which was really cute. I’ve heard people talk about a few dialogues in the book that were racist and sexist. However I felt those were added to show that such people exist, not to support those.

My main issues were that while I liked the characters, they did strike me as rather one-dimensional. Also, the reveal in the end of the book was rather predictable and anticlimatic.

Rating: 3.5/5


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