What I don’t like about shipping

Let me tell you one thing. I ship characters together. I love many romantic pairings in books, and I love the idea of supporting them. I think it’s a cute thing to do. I love looking at cutesy fanart and dreaming of my OTP having a beautiful life together.

Image result for percabethImage result for kaz x inejImage result for cinder x kaiImage result for tamaki x haruhiImage result for yuuri x victor

But one thing that slightly bothers me is how we tend to idealize those relationships. Like let’s be real, relationships don’t always last. Especially among teenagers. Yes, there are people who end up married to their high school sweethearts, but most people don’t. So, why would your OTP to remain together forever ?

I guess one argument in favor of such idealized ships would be the fact that fiction is not always representative of reality. After all, we read Sci-Fi and fantasy books which take place in different worlds, and idealized relationships are probably the least unrealistic thing about them.

So, what are your thoughts about this?


One thought on “What I don’t like about shipping

  1. I’m guilty of this…if my OTPs were real people , I’ll probably be rolling my eyes, thinking they are delusional and kind of idiotic . But something about fiction makes me throw all that out the window… 😊


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